Friday, April 20, 2012

To my birthday boy ;)

Birthday is not how many candles you had blown nor the number of age you had gained. It's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. Thank you for coming into this world and being a part of my life.

Again thank you for always being here when I need you and for doing everything you can to make me smile. Although we fight a lot i wish you never get tired of loving me everyday, forever! I'll never stop surprising you, though sometimes I fail haha yet it still makes you happy. I love you Kyle, hope you had a happy and memorable birthday this year. Happy 19th Birthday!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy 7th!

To stare at you while I listen to you talk is better than any movie I can ever watch.

Just wanna let you know that sometimes it's not the movies we watch that fascinate me, it's your eyes and your smiles that capture me.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy 4th!

Nov 07, 2011

I miss you. I miss your sweet smile, your brown eyes that I get shy every time your gaze meets mine and your curly hair that I can’t even mess with. I’d love to hear your voice again it’s the only sweetest sound I miss to hear, the taste of your lips so soft I can’t speak. I’m so captivated, you complete me. No one has more than I do now. Love you’re so perfect, too good to be true and does it ever occurred to you that every night I lie awake thinking how lucky I am to have you. I might piss you more, I might disappoint you again and again so I’m saying sorry in advance and sorry for everything that happened. And don’t you remember how happy we were back then 4 months ago. I’m sorry I forgot to greet you. I didn’t get the chance to tell you how happy I am today, knowing we’ve already been through 4months. I’m hoping for longer time to spend with you. I love you so much and I want you to remember that if we never see each other again, and one day you feel a certain presence beside you... That would be me, loving you wherever I am.
Happy 4th hun.

Friday, August 19, 2011

This Much.

You have no idea how much I love you, I may not show it all but I'm 100% sure of it.
It's all preserved in me, circulating out of my heart to the crown of my head down to the soles of my feet.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Count of Monte Cristo

I just finished doing my book report. And chosen book was The Count of Monte Cristo. So there I made my own summary and gave the lesson that I learned from the story.

Here it is. :)

It all begins with arrival of the ship Pharaon in Marseilles, France under the command of Captain Leclere. One of the crew on board is a young sailor named Edmond Dantès. Monsieur Morrel the ship owner promotes him to be the new captain of the ship because the former captain, Captain Leclere died of brain fever. A man named Baron Danglars is jealous of Dantès. Just as before Captain Leclere died, he gave Dantès a task to do, he told him to send a letter addressed to Monsieur Noirtier who was a Bonapartist. Dantès was first welcomed by his father then by his friend Caderousse who is a tailor and also the neighbor of Dantès and went to see his fiancée, Mercedes. And a man named Fernand appeared to be Dantès’ rival. The next day the weather was good that the sun rose up clear and bright. Preparations for the betrothal feast of Edmond and Mercedes has been made in a large room on the second floor. Just as the party was about to get on its highlights the gendarmes arrested Edmond Dantès for being accused of treason. He was then brought to be examined by the public prosecutor, Gerard De Villefort. The gendarmes brought him to Chateau D'if – a state prison, used only for important political prisoners. Events followed one another swiftly. Mercedes and Monsieur Morrel continued to beg and ask Monsieur Villefort for Dantès freedom until they lost hope. Mercedes was left alone, bathed in tears. Dante’s father died five months after he had been separated from his son. Monsieur Morrel paid for his funeral and his mall debts.
One night Dantès heard a strange noise, a scratching noise which he can’t figure out what kind of animal or instrument is it coming from. He became curious with it and also started to scratch and break the wall. After many nights and days of working, a prisoner popped out of the wall. He was an old man who became friends with Dantès. His name is Abbè Faria, a priest and sage. Faria became the surrogate father of Edmond and he educated him in languages, economics and all the current sciences. Unfortunately Abbè Faria became weak because of having an illness. He revealed a secret to Edmond – the treasure that can be found in the Island of Monte Cristo. Abbè Faria died soon from the third attack of catalepsy. Dantès has escaped by replacing the priest’s corpse inside the sack with his body. The men threw the sack into the sea’s cemetery. He swam to the nearest isle, Isle of Tiboulen. A ship of smugglers and semi-pirates saved him. A very friendly crew named Jacopo took care of him. Dantès worked and sailed together with them while planning on how to get his treasure on the Island of Monte Cristo. He was still trying to solve his problem when one evening the captain of Jeune-Amelie suggested that the Isle of Monte Cristo would be a good place to unload their cargo. While they were on the island Dantès met a mild accident, unable to bring him with them they just left him with enough food and told him that they’ll just fetch him by next week. As the little ship was almost out of sight, he began to search for the treasure. And he found it exactly where Faria told. The next day he filled his pockets with precious stones and waited for his companions to arrive. When they returned to Leghorn, he sold four of his smallest diamonds for five thousand francs each. He bought a small ship for Jacopo and asked Jacopo to go to Marseilles and ask for news of an old man named Louis Dantès and a young woman called Mercedes. Then Dantès went to Genoa and bought a small yacht and sailed to the Isle of Monte Cristo. He transferred the treasure into his yacht and locked up in its secret compartment. Louis Dantès was dead ad Mercedes disappeared, this are the answers that came to him. Then later on he headed to Marseilles.
A priest went to Caderousse’s inn and made him tell everything that has happened after Dantès went to prison in exchange for a diamond. Later on an Englishman went to talk to Monsieur Morrel about Morrel’s debts. Morrel’s only chance now is if the Pharaon will return. Unfortunately the Pharaon failed to return. Morrel’s son, Maximilien returned home. Julie found a man near the staircase holding a letter in his hand. The letters tells her to go to 15 Allees de Meilhan then she found a red silk purse there and brought it to her father. The letter is signed by Sinbad the Sailor. Before Monsieur Morrel could kill himself his daughter ran toward him and gave the red silk purse that contained a bill for two hundred and eighty-seven thousand five hundred francs that was marked paid, and a diamond with a size of a walnut: with these words written on a small piece of parchment: “Julie’s dowry”. Maximilien rushed into the room and told him that the Pharaon was coming to port. Monsieur Morrel was startled with these incredible events.

Two young French gentlemen, Baron Franz d’Epinay and Viscount Albert de Morcerf decided to go to Rome for the carnival where they had a problem with renting a carriage. While the Count of Monte Cristo who is staying on the same floor in the hotel with the two men knew about their difficulty on finding a carriage offered seats for the two of them in the count’s carriage and two seats before his window in the Palazzo Rospoli. The count invited them to watch the decapitation of two prisoners – Peppino and Andrea. But unfortunately it is only Andrea who’s about to die because Peppino was pardoned. They watched as the executioner decapitates Andrea. After watching they changed into their costumes and went out to the carnival. Albert met a lovely lady and decided to write a letter to her. They met at the San Giacomo, Franz saw Albert reach the bottom of the church then a woman masked and wearing a Roman peasant costume disappeared with him. Albert was kidnapped by bandits. Franz asked for Count of Monte Cristo’s help. They went to the Catacombs of Saint Sebastian where the lair of the bandits is located. They saw Luigi sitting and reading a book. Franz was amazed when Luigi without any hesitation followed the count’s wish to set Albert free. Albert thanked the count so much that he wanted to return the favor. And so as to the count’s wish, he asked to pay a visit to Albert’s residence in Paris.
The Count of Monte Cristo arrived at the house of Viscount Albert de Morcef. He then introduced the count to his other guests, Count of Chateau-Renaud, Monsieur Lucien Debray, Monsieur Beauchamp and Monsieur Maximilien Morrel, and had lunch altogether. When all the guests had gone, Albert and Monte Cristo went to the Morcerf’s residence and introduced him to his parents – Count and Madame de Morcerf, Fernand and Mercedes. Monte Cristo bid goodbye and went off to his new residence.
Monsieur Bertuccio, the count’s valet tells his horrible past that is related to the country house that the count has bought – It all started when Bertuccio avenged his brother’s death for not getting any compensation from Monsieur Villefort. Bertuccio would stay behind the walls of the garden of that house every night. Until one night saw Villefort carry a box and dug a hole to burry it. He hurriedly stabbed him with a knife and picked up the box and ran off. Her sister-in-law raised the child as if she was the biological mother and named the child Benedetto. The next day, Monte Cristo’s servant Ali stopped the horses that were running wildly with inside the carriage were Madame de Villefort and his son. That same evening, Monsieur Villefort paid a visit to Monte Cristo’s house to give thanks in saving his wife and child. And had also opened up the matter about his father Monsieur Noirtier who is paralyzed and only Valentine can really understand him by means of his way of communicating with the use of his eyes. The count went to Villefort’s residence to repay the visit of Monsieur Villefort. Madame introduced her stepdaughter Valentine. They talked about medicines and Madame de Villefort asked Monte Cristo to give her a remedy called Brucine – a poison in which it can heal with just one drop, but would kill if it reaches three drops.
The next day the count met Major Cavalcanti. He introduced the major to his lost son Andrea – which both parties were only pretending to be father and son. And the count has set a dinner party for them. The night where the dinner party set by the Count of Monte Cristo has come. After everybody has finished eating the count told his guests about a horrible incident that happened while he asked his workmen to dig in the garden in order to rejuvenate the trees they uncovered a wooden box that contains a skeleton of a new born baby. It struck Monsieur Villefort and Madame Danglars and the next day Monsieur Villefort told that everything that the count said last night was impossible for he himself checked before the count had occupied the house if the box was still there – but fortunately it wasn’t.
The next day Monsieur Danglars paid a visit to the Count of Monte Cristo. Danglars tells Monsieur de Morcerf’s past and his real name – Fernand Mondego. And with this revelation Albert and Mercedes left their home and Monsieur de Morcerf because he was found guilty of felony, treason and dishonor of Ali Pasha affair. Fernand killed himself. The Count of Monte Cristo gave a note to Albert about fortune he has given for him and his mother to start afresh. The count also encouraged that despite Albert de Morcerf it would be better if he would arrange his daughter’s marriage with Andrea Calvacanti the son of Major Cavalcanti.
Meanwhile in Villefort’s residence Madame de Saint-Meran brought news that Monsieur de Saint-Meran already passed away. And because of mourning and too much grief Madame de Saint-Meran died because of a certain poison that killed her as Doctor d’Avrigny’s findings. Also before the Madame died she wished Valentine to be married as soon as possible with Franz.Before the signing of marriage contract Monsieur Noirtier called Franz and revealed that it was him who killed Franz’s father and this revelation made Franz change his mind, and saved the love of Valentine and Maximilien.
Barrois the servant more like a trusted friend of Monsieur Noirtier, after drinking lemonade trembled violently and died. He was poisoned with brucine as Doctor d’Avrigny concluded again. The same as how Madame de Saint-Meran died.
Caderousse broke into the house of Monte Cristo but because of a letter that warned the count he was able to catch the thief. The count learned that Andrea’s real name is Benedetto, and that Caderouse and Benedetto were two escaped convicts. Caderousse died when Andrea killed him after he went out of the house.
After some days Maximilien came running to him for help because Valentine fainted and trembled like what happened to Barrois. Monte Cristo prevented Maximilien from killing himself by telling him that it’s not yet too late and there’s still another chance – for the count had given Valentine a drug that will make her look really dead but instead she will just be asleep for a long time. Also Monte Cristo had already revealed his real identity to Maximilien, Julie and Emmanuel, that he was their benefactor that saved them from all their misfortunes. While Albert entered the military, Baron Danglars lost all his fortune and left Madame Danglars. Madamoiselle Danglars went to Italy after the tragic wedding with Andrea Cavalcanti who appeared to be just an imposter and was really named Benedetto, and an ex-convict.
In the midst of all this catastrophes Monsieur Villefort discovered that it was his own wife who did all the murder inside his house. He then went mad – from Andrea’s revelation about his past to the death of his whole family (except Valentine and Monsieur Noirtier) and knowing the real character of the Count of Monte Cristo.
Monte Cristo asked Maximilien to accompany him to return to Marseilles. There the count visited for the last time Mercedes and Chateau d’If. He separated from Maximilien for a month and had set up a day on where and when they must meet.

On the Isle of Monte Cristo two lovers, Maximilien and Valentine finally met again and held to each other’s arms bid farewell to their father and friend the Count of Monte Cristo or rather Edmond Dantes, and to Valentine’s sister learned by love, Haydee. Edmond finally gave himself another chance to love again and made way to a new life with Haydee.
As for the souls yearning to approach fate altogether again, all human wisdom was contained in these two words: Wait and hope.

Lesson Learned O:)
For me, there are many lessons that can be learned from this story. First of all I learned that revenge is not the key to make people pay for the bad things they’ve done to you. It doesn’t fix anything. No matter how a person tries to make all the people pay for all the sins they’ve done to you, the scars and all the hurt of the past will always remain. It can never restore all the lost years in your life and it can never make everything perfect or turn it the way you want it to be because it already happened and really, you cannot do anything about it anymore but to accept and forgive. Yes, not forgive and forget because it doesn't really apply for me but accept and forgive. You cannot really forget things especially the experiences that marked you as what kind of person you are now. Good or bad. No, you cannot forget it. No matter what you do it will still come to you. It is better to forgive and get on with your life. What is wrong can never be right if you try to solve it the wrong way.

Your mistakes are what makes you the person you are today so don’t let those mistakes ruin you. You learn and grow with each choice. Make everything you do worth it. And always remember that the bad deeds that we do in life do not go unpunished and the good ones get rewarded.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011


From the way you held me the the sweet things you told me, I just can't find a reason to let you go.